Tuesday, July 21, 2009


We did get a very nice rain shower..in fact, it is still raining a bit. And the temperature is a very cool 63 right now. Guests have gone out to a variety of very fine restaurants located here in Santa Fe. It is our pleasure to assist our guests in finding just the right taste for them.

Social Hour

It is a bit after 6 pm, and our guests are enjoying a glass of wine along with some specialty cheeses and crackers out on the front portal, watching the thunderstorm move across the mountains. There is a wonderfully cool breeze stirring the leaves of the trees. I hope that it does rain a nice, slow soaking rain, as we have not had any in a couple of weeks. But if it does rain, I hope the guests have a jacket with them, as the temperature will drop to a very cool 65 or 70. We love this time of day, getting to know the guests that arrived today, and enjoying the conversation with those long time friends back again.


Woke up this morning to a beautiful blue sky and a temperature of 55 degrees. The weather is wonderful, with highs to be in the low 80's and very little humidity. With the help of David, our friend from Peru, we are getting breakfast for the guests, who are just now awakening from a restful sleep, and beginning to come down for coffee. This morning our guests are having breakfast burritos, omelettes and bacon and sausage, all prepared to their liking each morning. Colt, the Long-Coated German Shepherd, is standing by, just in case someone should drop a morsel for him to eat.

Monday, July 20, 2009

First Post

Well, this is the beginning of, I hope, a nice, healthy association with all our friends, both past, present and future.
The Inn of the Turquoise Bear B&B is an historic inn in the estate of poet, writer and editor Harold Witter Bynner in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I am Robert Frost, and I, along with my partner, famed Anthropologist Ralph Bolton, have owned and run this inn now for 14 years. We strive to create an atmosphere of comfort and ease so you can relax and let the stresses of the world disappear while you are our guest.
Please visit our website at www.turquoisebear.com and check us out. We would love to hear from you and look forward to you visiting us here in Santa Fe soon.